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The best questions to ask your wedding Videographer

Published on 30 Mar 2015

Before you decide which videographer you want to book for your wedding day, make sure you ask these important questions.

Below are the best questions that you should ask your videographer before making such an important decision. We will be going into some of these questions in more detail over the following months.

1.The most obvious question 
Do they have your wedding date available? Most good videographers will start to take bookings for popular dates at least 12 months in advance. So if your wedding is during April-August, enquire early.

2. How will they co-ordinate the filming of your wedding with the photographer?
We always like to contact the photographer before your wedding date to introduce ourselves and discuss aspects such as, style and camera position. At the end of the day we are both after similar shots, so it is in our interest to get along and work well together.

3. Will the videographer you’re speaking to be the one who will be filming your wedding?
We always send two videographers and it's usually both myself and Richard. If one of us is unavailable for your wedding we make sure that you're aware and we would use one of our very trusted camera ops.

4. Are they full time professional or part time weekend warrior?
We are full time professionals. We shoot around 30 weddings a year along with a wide variety of corporate work, this means we will be fully dedicated to editing your film promptly and to a high standard.

5. What parts of the wedding day do they capture?
It is important to clarify how much of your day is being captured, so that you know what to expect in the final film. Regardless of what package you decide to book, we always film from bride/groom preparations in the morning up until the first dance. We often stay for a little longer to capture some additional dancing.

6. How do you film the ceremony and speeches?
The two most important parts of your day! We use two camera for both the ceremony and speeches, placing one at the back of the room and one at the front. For a ceremony the back camera captures the officiant of the ceremony, the reading and the side profile of the vows and the front camera captures close ups of the couples, front facing action and guest reactions. We also place microphones on all key speakers for the ceremony and speeches (except the bride). For more information on microphones have a look at our blog post.

7. Do they use additional lights during the reception?
Modern day cameras are very good in low light conditions, so it needs to be incredibly dark for us to require lights. We do however bring lights with us in case we ever need them.

8. Does the final video use dialogue from the wedding day or is it more of a music video?
This depends on the type of edit you decide to go for. A highlight reel will have elements of the ceremony and speeches edited around music and footage from throughout the day. A full wedding edit will contain your full ceremony and speeches separate by highlights from the rest of the day edited to music.

9. Is there a charge for staying later in the evening if something important comes up?
This is likely to vary amongst videographers. We usually stop filming once we are happy with what we have, this is often just after the first dance and once we have some evening dancing and entertainment. If you require us to stay until a particular time there could be an additional cost.

10. Will they go to a location (like the beach or a park) without additional charge?
We will travel to wherever we need to within the wedding day to capture what's happening. There might be an initial travel cost if the wedding is far away, but no additional cost will be added throughout the day.

11. What is the cancellation/refund policy?
We ask for a non-refundable deposit and anything you decide to pay on top of that is fully refundable up to 14 days prior to the wedding date.

12. How long will it take them to edit the wedding video?
This can vary depending on the type of video that you have purchased. We allow 6-8 weeks to send over the first cut of your film, if for any reason this is going to take longer we will inform our couples. 

13. How is my final film delivered?
There are several ways that your film can be delivered, so its certainly worth asking. We deliver our films as a downloadable online file, DVD and/or Blu-Ray. 

14. How long will the final product be?
A highlight film can last between 10-12 minutes and a full length civil ceremony and church wedding last between 1-2 hours. This can vary depending on the length of the service and speeches.

15. How many copies of the final film do you get?
You will often get a certain amount of copies within your package. For our gold package you get 2 DVD’s or Blurays and for our Platinum you will receive 4 DVD’s or Blurays. Don't forget you can always order additional copies if you need them.

16. Do they have backup equipment in case of gear failure?
We always take 4 cameras on a wedding shoot giving us 2 backup cameras for the day. Knowing that you have backup equpiment just gives you that extra piece of mind on the day.

17. Can you make changes to the film once you’ve seen it for the first time?
This option ensures that you will always be 100% happy with the final product. We are always happy to make any changes that you might want. 

18. How much is the deposit and when is the remaining balance due?
This question is essential to help with the wedding planning. We take a £250 deposit for all of our packages and take the remaining payment no later than 14 days before the wedding date.

19. Can you select the music for the wedding video?
Music is always a little tricky. For highlight films that are going on the web and being shared, we always purchase licenses for music tracks. If you are after commercial tracks, there are some songs that you can buy licenses for and others you cannot. With regards to the full length DVD, you can have whatever tracks you like, as this is classed as being used for home use only. As long as you don’t produce your own copies of the film and distribute it yourself.

20. Can you keep the film private for only our family to see?
We offer this service as it allows you to preview your film with your family before sharing it with everyone else. All of our films come password protected until we get given the ‘all clear’ from our couples to make the video public.

I hope that you have found these questions helpful, we will be going into some of these topics in greater detail in the future.

All the best


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