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What to ask a Videographer - Audio

Published on 20 Mar 2015


"How do you capture the audio?"


A portfolio doesn't always highlight one of the most important aspects of videography, the audio.  Audio is just as important as a beautiful crisp HD image, so a good videographer will know exactly how to capture the ceremony and speeches in crystal clarity.


Here at Devoted Films we use a whole range of different methods in order to capture the very best audio possible.  During the ceremony we use a wireless lapel mic (they're very small and discreet) on either the person conducting the ceremony or the Groom.  During the speeches we provide each person speaking with a wireless lapel mic and we also use a dictaphone to capture the guests reaction.  We always have backup audio recorders on our cameras, so if anything fails, nothing is ever lost.


The pic above is just a few of our audio recording options 


Good audio is a major factor, but easily forgotten about.  Always ask your videographer how they intend to capture the vows and speeches and talk about what backups will be in place.


I hope you found this helpful, we will have more important questions for wedding videographers coming soon.


All the best,



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