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What to ask a Videographer - Unobtrusive?

Published on 20 Apr 2015

You'll hear a lot of videographers and photographers say "we're unobtrusive, you won't even know we're there", but how's that possible? How can a photographer and videographer capture the day without being obvious? well, this blog post is going to quickly talk you through our approach.

Our kit is up to date with a great range of cameras, we generally use a c100 mark 2 and a 5D mark 3.  If you aren't into cameras, all you need to know is that these produce beautiful crisp HD video and are very small.  Gone are the days of huge film cameras being lugged around at a wedding, we blend in and look like guests.

Firstly we arrive to capture morning prep, we don't stage anything and we don't ask you to pose or repeat things.  We love capturing the day as it unfolds, for most of the day we film using monopods (a one legged tripod) so we can quickly get around and don't get in anyone's way.

During the ceremony we film with one camera at the back and one camera at the front.  Once the ceremony has started, we stay exactly where we are so we don't distract you or your guests.

Once we're at the reception out comes the monopods and we continue to film friends and family and of course the bride and groom.  We film the day as it unfolds.

Speeches are a very important part of the day, that's why we use wireless mics to capture the audio in crystal clarity.  Similarly to the ceremony, we position one camera at the back of the room and another to the side, making sure we aren't in any of the guests way.

Party time! Once it's time for the first dance and evening partying we almost never use external lights.  Our cameras are brilliant and can handle low light conditions extremely well.

Check out our testimonials page, we've had lots couples mention how they barely even saw us.  We love blending in and filming from the sides, we get brilliant footage when people don't know they're on camera!

Rest assured, we would never do anything like this...

All the best,


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